The Unreasonable Silence

by Cosmograf

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Martin Ingram
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Martin Ingram Another reviewer claims this is Robin's weakest record. I'm sorry, but with all due respect that reviewer is talking out of their... hat. :-)

The Man Left In Space is one of my favourite post prog records. I'm only a few listens in and I think The Unreasonable Silence matches and even possibly exceeds that work. It has a lot of "hairs on the back of your neck" moments, which is always a sign of a significant record for me.

(Update Sep 2016: best album of the year for me, so far.) Favorite track: Four Wall Euphoria.
Michael Bold
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Michael Bold Amazing stories and music that piques my curiosity.
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kadees The Unreasonable Silence mag sich nicht so recht entscheiden und damit auch nicht in eine Schublade stecken lassen:
Für Neo-Prog zu experimentier- freudig, für Prog-Metal nicht durchgehend hart genug, für New Artrock vermutlich zu abwechslungsreich – es steckt irgendwie alles drin und zwar wohl ausbalanciert und zum rechten Zeitpunkt abgerufen.
posted @ Favorite track: Arcade Machine.
Dogger Dog
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Dogger Dog It's very difficult to say this, but of Robin's last three Cosmograf albums, I believe this is the weakest. That said, it's still a tremendous neo-prog album compared to all the garbage that's out there, so it is enjoyable, but Robin's quality is usually a notch above what I'm hearing on this album. The issue is lack of melody. I don't find myself whistling or humming parts of this album like I do its two predecessors. Hopefully his next effort steps up on the melodies and songwriting. Favorite track: Relativity.
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Cosmograf’s fifth studio album release is an existential concept album with an alien theme, based on the essay ‘The Myth of Sisyphus’ by the French philosopher Albert Camus.

“It’s essentially a more modern re-telling of Camus’s writings about mankind’s struggle to understand the universe and our role within it”, says the concept’s creator Robin Armstrong. “Camus described man standing face to face with the irrational which leads to a confrontation between the human need and the unreasonable silence of the world. “
Between our quest for knowledge and refusal of the world to give up its secrets, lies the concept of absurdism. In his original essay, Camus describes a mythological character, Sysiphus condemned to pointless labour in order to illustrate the absurdity of human existence. Robin Armstrong twists the story to portray a modern character that has become disillusioned with his own life to the point that he believes his destiny may reside in another world. As with previous Cosmograf albums, the tale is told with a very cinematic feel and explores the themes of paranoia, social withdrawal and conformity, and ultimately the search for meaning in our own existence.

Track List:
1. echo $abduction; 

2. This Film Might Change Your Life 

3. Plastic Men 

4. Arcade Machine 

5. RGB 

6. Four Wall Euphoria 

7. The Uniform Road 

8. The Silent Field 

9. Relativity 

10. The Unreasonable Silence 

The album is written and performed by Robin Armstrong with assistance from the following guest artists:
-Nick D Virgilio (Spock’s Beard/ Big Big Train), Drums - All tracks except RGB.

-Nick Beggs (Steven Wilson/Steve Hackett/ Mute Gods), Bass - Four Wall Euphoria.
-Dave Meros – (Spock’s Beard), Bass -Arcade Machine.

-Rachael Hawnt , Vocals - The Unreasonable Silence, Four Wall Euphoria, Relativity.
-Robin Armstrong – Vocals, all other instruments.
Voice Actors:
Redd Horrocks – ‘Emma, the girlfriend’. Josh at Rocketsound – ‘Connor Ramirez’. Andrew Whelbig – ‘Alien Eyewitness’. Martin Paine – ‘Tom’. Linnea Sage – ‘Amy Curtis’.
Katherine Thompson – ‘Sarah Erith’.
Rhiannon Owens - ‘Lisa Williams – Alien Eyewitness 2’.
Martin Hutchinson – ‘Martin Jones - Conspiracy Theorist 1’.
David Thompson - ‘Conspiracy Theorist 2’.
Steve Wilson – ‘Documentary Voice’.
Robin Armstrong – ‘Other Voices’.


released June 13, 2016

Written and produced by Robin Armstrong
Recorded at The Trees, Waterlooville.
Drums engineered and recorded by Rob Aubrey at Aubitt Studios, Southampton. Rachael Hawnt recorded at Aubitt Studios, engineered by Rob Aubrey.
Mixed and Mastered by Robin Armstrong at The Trees.
Album artwork designed by Robin Armstrong


all rights reserved


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